The Facts

Nearly 50% of students fail Organic Chemistry (according to a study conducted at a California State University)

According to past students, lack of confidence or fear was a main reason they attended our workshop

Students who take our workshop improve 200% (according to a pre and post workshop assessment)

After completing the workshop, our students have the confidence and basis to successfully complete Organic Chemistry


Our Goals

  • To give students the confidence that they have the ability succeed in Organic Chemistry
  • Provide students with the basics so they can start their semester in Organic Chemistry off strongly
  • Teach them how to apply chemical information that they already know to new situations
  • Demonstrate that memorization is not the most effective method for problem solving




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Mission Statement:

Wyatt’s Organic Workshop aims to help all students who plan to take Organic Chemistry succeed the first time! We continually see the struggle students have with the subject and how intimidated they are just by the name and reputation of the subject. Our workshop is aimed to relieve students of the stress and anxiety of the subject by teaching them the fundamentals of the subject in a fun, interactive, and comprehensive environment! We strive to see 100% or our students have the confidence and skills needed to succeed in Organic Chemistry!

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Ashley H
The subjects covered in the WOW class are covered in great detail and more slowly, making them easier to comprehend than just hearing them quickly one time in the beginning of the semester.
Susan Duff (Parent)
I highly recommend Wyatt’s Organic Workshop for students as preparation for taking Organic Chemistry. My daughter emerged from this class with a greater sense of confidence and less anxiety for the coming semester.
Kyle L
It helped me become aware of the amount of out of class work I really would need to do in order to survive the class, instead of me getting overwhelmed in the middle of the course.